160 sq ft

Approximate area

576 weeks

Work time

Our team at IRC Tile Company was entrusted with the task of bringing a fresh and contemporary touch to a kitchen space that yearned for a new identity. Our mission was to create a kitchen that seamlessly blended modern aesthetics with functional efficiency. This project was a testament to our dedication to detail and our expertise in marrying form and function. The result was a kitchen that not only embodied modern elegance but also enhanced the overall living experience of the homeowners.

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Services provided

Comprehensive interior renovation services, including complete kitchen renovation, custom cabinetry and countertops installation, fixture and fitting selection, flooring upgrade, and lighting design and installation

paint brush
Materials used

Matte black custom cabinets were meticulously crafted to offer ample storage while maintaining clean lines, embodying the essence of modern minimalism. Gilded hardware and fittings in a brushed gold finish introduced a touch of glamour


Showcasing of renovated space

Step into a world of culinary elegance with our Kitchen Remodeling Projects. Each project is a testament to our commitment to crafting spaces where creativity and functionality harmoniously coexist. From modern marvels to timeless classics, our portfolio reflects a diverse range of design inspirations.


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